Public Administration Section

Public Administration Section


On January 11st, 2011, SGL’s Member, Professor João Bilhim presented to the Society’s Management the following proposal in view of the creation of a Public Administration Professional Section:

The ​Public Administration scientific and professional areas currently have great social, cultural, economic and political importance, and its impact will tend to increase in the near future.

In Portugal, the State (Central, Regional and Local Administrations, Business Sector, Autonomous Organisms) directly and indirectly employs several hundred thousand workers and even if there are oscillations the State will always be the largest national employer.

The Portuguese State, organized in the Weberian bureaucratic matrix, in spite of the transformations it has recently undergone, needs, in an increasingly global society, to permanently modernize, simplifying the lives of citizens and businesses through the qualification of public services.

Since the seventies of the last century, there has been a change in the functions of the state throughout the world. This change has been stimulated by the OECD and various international bodies such as the World Bank, the IMF, among others, and academics such as Milton Friedman and its Chicago based school based on the supply concept. In this perspective, a better and smaller State is defended, that is, the transition from a goods and services producing State to a regulatory State a priori and a posteriori.

In addition, the knowledge, networked society (Castells) is a global society constituted by global subjects in the perspective of Michel Wieviorka, which calls into question the limits of the nation-state that emerged from Westphalia in the mid-seventeenth century, in Beck’s expression “Globalization implies a global erosion of the authority of national states and a loss of confidence in hierarchical institutions”.

In this context, the Lisbon Geographical Society, which has always followed the social, economic, cultural and political transformations throughout its history, in view of the changes taking place on the horizon, encourages reflection by means of a professional section specialized in a theme like this that is of the utmost importance for the life of many professionals and of the whole Country.

The Public Administration Section of the Lisbon Geographical Society therefore has the following guiding principles:

  • The need to rethink the modernization of the Portuguese State, in a context of high modernity and globalization of societies;
  • The need to rethink the transformation of State functions and the design of the producing State that gives way to the regulator: less and less the State is asked to produce and is increasingly required to regulate the intervention of the various stakeholders in the supply of goods and public services;
  • The importance of analysing the implications of globalization in the organization of the State of a small geographical dimension country such as Portugal;
  • Leveraging the platform of the Lisbon Geographical Society, which, throughout its history, has always accompanied the social, economic, cultural and political transformations of our country to encourage reflection on the themes of Public Administration and Public Policy;
  • The dissemination of current Research in Public Administration and related scientific areas.



The President of the Public Administration Section:

Professor João Abreu de Faria Bilhim


The Vice President of the Public Administration Section:

Professor Pedro Miguel Alves Ribeiro Correia

April 2024