In the Geographical Society of Lisbon (SGL) we not only have an important cultural heritage but also a rich patrimony.

This patrimony was formed by the ideas of truly visionary men, like the SGL founder Luciano Cordeiro and previous presidents like António Augusto Aguiar, Bernardino Machado (a former President of the Portuguese Republic), Adriano Moreira, Sousa Leitão, amongst others – all of whom preserved and enriched SGL’s patrimony throughout its existence. It is worth noting that amongst this patrimony are several documents (maps, manuscripts, old books) of the great portuguese explorers that crossed Africa and developed intense scientific activity in both Angola and Mozambique on the turn of the 19th to the 20th century.

Names such as Serpa Pinto, Roberto Ivens, Hermenegildo Capelo, Henrique de Carvalho, Silva Porto and Gago Coutinho, amongst many others, should also be brought to notice.

All this rich patrimony (both tangible and intangible) must be preserved and explored. Its value is important to the knowledge of our cultural heritage and its preservation is necessary so it can be known, studied and appreciated by future generations.

To achieve this goal, the SGL was built as an aggregate of around thirty commissions (African, American, Asiatic, European, International Relationships Commission) and sections (History, Anthropology, Ethnography, Industry, Economy, Art and Literature, etc.), all of which organize summits, symposiums and congresses. A large part of this activity produces articles that are published in the SGL’s Bulletin – edited since 1876. Besides this editorial activity we also have a collection of “Memórias” (Memoires) in which more in depth and relevant studies – elaborated by SGL members – are published.

Our Library is the richest in what regards documentation about the old Portuguese Overseas Territories (Guinea, S. Tomé and Prince, Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Goa (India), Macao and Timor). Our Old Map Spoil is also extremely rich and its documentation is studied by both national and foreign research-workers. In fact, university students and members of Scientific Organizations preparing Masters and PhD thesis are increasing each year.

In this sense, the Geographical Society not only provides its members and public with a series of cultural activities, but also enables international research – mainly in History, Geography, Anthropology, Ethnography, etc. – with its rich documentation. It should be also mentioned that the SGL has an Ethnographic and Historical Museum extremely rich in artifacts, particularly from Africa but also from India, China and Timor.

The Library are opened to the public in general. The Museum can be visited by the public in general, pending appointments.

Prof. Cat. Luís Aires-Barros

S.G.L. President

May 2024