Conferences and Exhibitions

A large number of congresses and colloquiums, some promoted by the S.G.L., others in collaboration, have taken place in the Society’s rooms. Some of the most significant being, in 1901, (on its 25th anniversary), the inauguration of the 1st National Colonial Congress, organised by the S.G.L. itself. It was at the 2nd National Colonial Congress, in 1924, that highly significant voting took place. For example, on the creation of the Historical Colonial Archive, founded later; the granting of university status to the Escola Colonial and, finally, the holding of Colonial Weeks. In 1927, the first of such weeks took place. These were inspired and co-ordinated by the S.G.L., and were held over many years, becoming a significant factor in the spreading of knowledge and the study of overseas’ territories. The Third National Colonial Congress, held in 1930, was also highly significant in terms of decision-making.

In 1934, and as part of the Grande Exposição Colonial do Porto (The Oporto Great Colonial Exhibition), the S.G.L. held the Congress on Colonisation.

The Society turned its attention early to the question of tourism and, in 1936, organised the 1st National Tourism Congress.

In its session on 21st April 1879, the S.G.L., showed an interest in learning about, and making more widely known, the situation of Portuguese nationals living abroad. In 1880, the initial questionnaire for this research was sent to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The responses obtained were then published in the Society’s publication, the Boletim da S.G.L.

In 1938, this research was taken up once again, as a result of a report produced by the directors of the S.G.L. and the information gathered was later published in the Boletim.

It was this interest and activity that led the President of the S.G.L. to launch the idea of a General Congregation of Portuguese Communities In 1964. Later, the S.G.L. called for a Lisbon meeting, in congress, of representatives from the Portuguese communities throughout the world. In December of the same year, in the Sala Portugal of the S.G.L., the Congresso das Comunidades (Communities Congress) was inaugurated. The broad participation of Portuguese, or the descendants of Portuguese, coming from so many parts of the world, was clear evidence of the success of the Congress. As a result, the União das Comunidades de Cultura Portuguesa (The Union of Portuguese Cultural Communities) and the Academia Internacional da Cultura Portuguesa (the International Academy of Portuguese Culture) were founded, both based in the S.G.L. In 1967, the second Congresso das Comunidades met in Mozambique.

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