Scientific Explorations

Soon after its foundation, various documents expressed the interest of the S.G.L. in encouraging scientific exploration. In 1878, King Luís declared himself the protector of the S.G.L., in a letter of 14th November, where he mentions the “laudable commitment with which the indispensable work for the development of geographical study and exploration has been promoted”.

In 1895, the S.G.L. received new statutes. One of its aims, as stated, was “the study and consultation of the means to improve, benefit from and strengthen the natural and economic resources of Portugal, especially of its overseas’ dominions”.

The Society appeared, therefore, both in its origins and early activities as a private institution strongly interested and integrated in a major issue in the political life of Portugal in the second half of the 19th century and closely linked to one of the concerns of successive governments: the possession, governance and development of both African and Asian territories.